Classy gesture from Bayern Munich as they look to help fellow Bavarian teams

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Recent months have shown us that most teams will only act in self interest, with little regard being given to the lower levels.

The main issue is that so many people love lower league and non league football, the game needs it to survive and it would get very boring very quickly if only the top teams come out of this in a healthy state.

Realistically that means the big teams will need to offer some kind of financial support to the lower levels, and Bayern Munich have made a great gesture to other teams in their region.

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As reported by RMC Sport, Bayern have made a donation to 18 other clubs in Bavaria as well as making a donation to the regional league, with the report suggesting that it will help strengthen the economic situation of those teams.

They go on to state that each team will get €20k while the regional league will receive an amount of €100k, so hopefully that’s enough to see them through and it allows them to get back on their feet when play starts again.

It sounds like a lot of this money has come from Bayern fans refusing to accept a refund on tickets they had already paid for, so it’s a big show of class from all involved.