Man United open legal proceedings against Sports Interactive over Football Manager 2020 inclusion

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We all want our football games to be as realistic as possible, so that means using real names for players and clubs as much as possible.

There will always be the funny exception where Ronaldo appeared simply as “no.9” in an old version of FIFA, while Pro Evolution Soccer has struggled with real names for a while now.

The Football Manager series tend to get most of the licences – there are some national teams that don’t feature and Juventus were forced to appear as “Zebre” on this edition, but it sounds like the makers might have a big problem.

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As reported by The Mirror, Man United have opened legal proceedings against Sports Interactive over the use of the club’s name in Football Manager 2020.

It all sounds a bit messy with Man United’s lawyer talking about improper use of the club crest and the way that Sports Interactive have allegedly encouraged player’s to download modifications which will add the official logos and likenesses into the game.

It’s not clear what the result of this will be and it sounds like the makers of Football Manager are digging their heels in, but it sounds like it could drag on for a while.