13,000 cardboard cut-outs make up Bundesliga crowd in Monchengladbach

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The coronavirus pandemic has thrown up some historic images in 2020, and that extends to the sporting events that are just beginning to get going again.

Germany’s Bundesliga is already into its second week of fixtures after the lockdown was lifted, and in order for the atmospheres in grounds to not be too eerie given the lack of supporters, the clubs are coming up with some novel ways to make it look as though there’s a crowd in the stadium.

During Saturday’s Borussia Monchengladbach v Bayer Leverkusen game, it appeared that the hosts had a healthy crowd watching on.

In fact, the ‘crowd’ was made up of 13,000 cardboard cut-outs with fans making a £17 charitable donation to see their face in the stadium, per the Daily Mail.

It’s a remarkable initiative, and one that made for a wonderful spectacle in what would’ve been an otherwise soulless Borussia Park.

Although it’s expected that they will remain in place for the final few games, wet weather will surely play havoc with trying to keep everyone looking their best.