The Manchester United star that used to eat 7/8 bowls of cereal a day

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With nutrition playing such a big part in the success or failure of players to adapt to the professional football environment, it’s a surprise to hear that one used to eat as many as seven or eight bowls of cereal a day.

Depending on a players physiology, that those at the pinnacle of the game will likely achieve optimum fitness and weight distribution at the correct times throughout the season based on what they eat as much as how well they train.

To that end, Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford admitting that he used to stuff himself full of Fruit and Fibre cereal, per a ‘10 things Marcus Rashford can’t do without‘ YouTube video for GQ Sports, is something of an eye opener.

The forward has consistently looked sharp in his attacking play, without an ounce of fat on him, so he’s clearly learned the error of his ways in terms of what to eat and when.

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