Curtis Woodhouse subjected to vile racist abuse after Ryan Giggs criticism

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It appeared as though former professional player, Curtis Woodhouse, struck a nerve with his suggestion on Twitter on Sunday night that Ryan Giggs was an average footballer.

So incensed were some users of the platform, that they came out in their droves as well as on Instagram to direct the most vile racist abuse in his direction.

One of the tweets that seemed to spark the ire of the masses was the suggestion that Giggs was average at best.

Appearing to back up his argument with a series of stats, that didn’t stop the backlash, and it’s clear that no one has learned anything, given the attack has come so soon after the vilifying of former Arsenal legend, Ian Wright.

‘Not sure if giving my opinion on a football matter warrants me being called a black c*** on twitter and a n***** on Instagram,’ Woodhouse tweeted in response.

‘Just a reminder really of how certain people see you. I keep getting told it’s a small minority, I’m not too sure anymore.’

Unfortunately, social media can become very toxic, very quickly, if a handful of users happen to disagree with what someone has written, and allowing such vile and degrading language to linger on a platform does it no favours whatsoever.

By offering a legitimate opinion, Curtis Woodhouse has seen some of the very worst of human behavioural traits.

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