Premier League supporters will be thrilled by this news

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It’s been a long time coming, but the news that Sky Sports subscriptions are about to be un-paused will be cause for celebration for those supporters who enjoy watching the Premier League.

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the English top-flight has been sans football for the last two months, but with a mid-June date pencilled in for its return, as well as the potential for other sports to make a comeback, Sky have announced their subscription plans.

‘We’re in the process of un-pausing Sky Sports as we see more live sport return during June. Some of you will have noticed that we’ll be restarting subscriptions from the 19th of June and we’ll be making more information available shortly,’ a Sky Employee’ posted on a Sky Help Forum as an update.

Although those patrons who use the service will have benefited financially after the broadcaster apparently froze monthly fees, it’s arguable that such a move was no real compensation for not being able to watch any live Premier League football.

At least now, the status quo should quickly revert to how it was pre-pandemic, and hopefully the ‘new normal,’ despite it seeming to be anything but, will be something that everyone can quickly get used to – and that includes the joy of watching one’s team back on the box.