Former Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher could live to regret this decision

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The banter between Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher has become a feature of Sky Sports Football’s weekly fare, and the former Liverpool legend has seemingly made a decision that will send his co-host into orbit.

It isn’t clear at this stage whether Carragher is trying to wind up his colleagues, but he has, supposedly, accepted an offer to go on the next edition of Strictly Come Dancing.

Plenty of footballers have trodden those particular boards before him, so it isn’t something new for ex-pros to be doing, though the thought of Carragher doing so has clearly amused Neville and Kelly Cates.

Speaking on Sky Sports’ The Football Show, cited by the Daily Star, Neville spoke to guest, David Seaman, about his previous reality TV roles.

“Dave, you’ve been on Strictly Come Dancing and Carra’s been asked to go on the next series,” he said.

After being corrected by the former Arsenal and England goalkeeper that it was, in fact, Dancing on Ice that he had appeared in, Neville continued; “Sorry, Dancing on Ice. I knew it was one of those programmes! But Carra’s been asked to go on, so what advice would you give him?”

It was at this point that Carragher himself chimed in.

“What do you think, Dave?” he said, and after being asked by Seaman whether he could dance, he added; “We’ll find out. I’ll have a go. After a few bevvies down me. I’ll have a go.”

Should there be an element of truth in Carragher’s admission, and Cates wasn’t sure if there was or not, the training that he will need to put in will arguably affect his presenting duties with the sports broadcaster.

Given that Strictly goes out live on a Saturday night, that clearly rules out any football work on the most important sporting day of the week, although Sunday’s may still be left clear with any training taking place in the following week.

Best foot forward eh, Jamie?!

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