La Liga reveal plans to get fans back into stadiums for games

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Of course the main focus just now has to be ensuring players are safe as football kicks off again, but every fan will want to know when they can go back to watch their team play again.

There’s something weird about watching football behind closed doors – the lack of atmosphere is off putting and it’s like watching a school game, while results in the Bundesliga suggest it’s killed the home advantage too.

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La Liga is due to start again soon and it sounds like they have some plans to get fans back to games later in the year:

From September they hope to allow the stadiums to be 30% full, that will increase to 50% in November with the ultimate aim of getting things back to normal from January.

They do point out that this is depending on health and how things work out, as certain countries appear to be ignoring scientific advice and trying to force things too early the possibility of a second wave of Coronavirus is always there.

Hopefully it doesn’t and this template could be taken up by leagues around the world, but it does sound like we will need to wait and see.