Neymar’s mother gets back together with young model accused of domestic violence

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Neymar’s mother Nadine Goncalves has got back together with her lover Tiago Ramos who is 23, despite the couple’s 29-year age difference, according to a report in the Sun.

According to an earlier report, Neymar’s mother Nadine had dumped her then-boyfriend Tiago Ramos after finding out that he dated a string of men before getting together with her.

However, it seems as though Nadine has now rekindled her romance with Tiago, with reports in Brazil  suggesting she has rented a luxury flat near Sao Paulo so that he can be close to her.

Earlier this month, news of domestic violence surrounding Tiago surfaced that reportedly rocked Nadine.

Tiago allegedly beat a woman named Rita Cumplido, who is 44, with the woman claiming that Tiago left her with an “enormous bruise”.

She claimed that Tiago “beat her out of jealousy and transformed when he was drunk,” 
and added that, “He hit me so hard he left me with a black eye and an enormous bruise on my head.”

However, despite the allegations and all the drama surrounding Tiago, it seems as though he is now back together with Neymar’s mother.

Tiago who is a model and a member of a gaming team called 4K Easy, was pictured at Neymar’s extravagant birthday party in February and it is believed that Neymar approves of his mother’s relationship with the 23-year-old, as per the reports.