Report shows how much Newcastle United would be allowed to spend next season if their takeover goes through

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We are still nowhere close to finding out if Newcastle’s takeover will go through, but there’s been plenty of time to speculate about how things could play out.

Lot’s of fans might be expecting them to spend crazy amounts of money as they try to overhaul the squad, but there are some things to bear in mind.

Firstly the current financial climate in football is fragile, so spending a large amount of money might result in negative PR – when you consider the takeover bid has already had plenty of negative press, they may want to avoid that.

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The other issue would be the financial fair play rules, which are designed to stop new owners coming in and spending too much.

A report from Sportsbible has looked at how much they might be able to spend, and it’s hard to figure out if it’s enough to make a huge difference.

They suggest that Newcastle could spend around £150-200m on players next season, but when you consider the state of recent transfers that might only be enough for three of four big names.

They will also need to contend with other clubs looking to exploit their new-found wealth as they demand giant fees, which happened with Man City for years when they were bought over.

The report suggests names like Gareth Bale, Edinson Cavani and Kalidou Koulibaly have been linked, but it’s hard to see that happening.

They would certainly be able to vastly improve the team, but it might take some time to create a team capable of challenging for the top four.