Man United target Jack Grealish opens up and takes responsibility for lockdown breach

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It’s understandable that us ordinary folk will be furious with anyone in a position of power or privilege who breaks the lockdown rules as we adhere to them.

Their reputation can be saved if they front up and say sorry – while a refusal to take responsibility and to deny everything will only make things worse in the long run.

Jack Grealish had a history of doing stupid things, but he really managed to knuckle down and he became a leader and a talisman for Aston Villa as he led them back to the Premier League.

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He’s been so impressive that Man United have been regularly linked with a summer transfer, with The Express being the latest outlet to make that link.

It looked like he ruined all of that after he broke the lockdown to go and drink with some friends, while hitting parked cars while drink driving in his Range Rover only made it worse.

He recently spoke to The Guardian about the whole incident, and he does deserve some credit for his response:

“I knew straight away that I had to come out and apologise myself, which I wanted to do; I didn’t want to hide behind a club statement. I am old enough now and mature enough to know that I’d done wrong.”

“I know I am a footballer but I’m still human and we all make mistakes and straight away I knew I’d made a mistake. I’m also a role model as well to a lot of people out there, especially young children who might look up to me. So I try to act in respectable manner but since then I have tried to keep my head down, work hard and do as much charitable work as possible.”

The report also indicates that he’s donated to children’s hospitals and raised a lot of money for the NHS – it’s possible it’s done out of guilt, but he’s still actually done it.

Some images of Grealish’s car after the incident

Of course it doesn’t automatically make everything okay and it’s likely a lot of fans will have lost their respect for him because of this, but being honest and trying to make amends is the best thing he could’ve done.

As time goes on it’s starting to feel like this won’t prevent Man United from trying to sign him in the summer, and as long as he’s learned from his mistakes, then he should be able to get past this.


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