Newcastle star reveals chilling words from his Grandfather over the current situation in the USA

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It’s starting to become clear that the world is in a complete mess, with each day bringing more depressing stories.

The situation in the USA is rightfully getting a lot of attention just now – leaders threatening to unleash the army on their own citizens is the kind of thing that has led to the UK and America invading other countries in an attempt to bring “democracy”, so it’s a scary situation for all.

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The murder of George Floyd by the US police might be the incident that sparked the current protests, but it’s clear it’s a situation that’s been coming for a while.

DeAndre Yedlin took to Twitter to reveal some chilling words from his Grandfather that revealed he was relieved that Yedlin didn’t stay in the US anymore, and it really does show how a lot of people must be feeling:

Of course there will always be attention seekers or oblivious people who will look to deny everything and feel this isn’t relevant, they might even claim that people in football should just stick to playing and should leave politics out of this.

The truth is that this is a global situation and it’s something that needs immediate attention – we all have a part to play in making things better, so hopefully as many footballers as possible use their status and fame to spread the message and raise awareness.

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