Cristiano Ronaldo impresses with incredible dedication to training as Serie A return nears

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It’s always been incredible to fans when players moan about having to train for more than a few hours a day.

The thought of having a place to go and hone your skills with all the equipment you could ever want would be a dream to most of us, but it sounds like a lot of players would rather spend time increasing their social media presence.

One star who has always been dedicated and works hard is Cristiano Ronaldo, so it’s not a great surprise that he’s making the news for these reasons again.

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According to a report from Portuguese outlet Record, he stunned the Italian media and his teammates by turning up a full four hours early for training.

It’s suggested that he spent that time doing an individual training session before taking part in the full training with the team later on.

They also indicate that he’s spent the lockdown in Portugal keeping himself very fit, so this could be fascinating when play starts again.

He must know that some players might be rusty or slightly unfit, and he could really take advantage of that and score a few more goals if he’s got the advantage on them.

Juventus are scheduled to play Bologna in their first game since the lockdown on the 22nd of June, so it will be interesting to see what kind of shape they are all in.

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