Nine more positive Covid-19 tests from Championship clubs

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In what is another grim day for the Football League, nine more players from the Championship have tested positive for Covid-19.

Just this past weekend, there were 10 positive cases in the second tier of English football, as well as seven more from League Two, and after the latest round of testing, where 1,094 players were checked, BBC Sport have noted that 10 players from six different clubs have now joined them.

According to the outlet, both Sheffield Wednesday and Preston have already let it be known that one player each from their clubs has contracted the disease.

The amount of positive tests is steadily rising as each new check is being carried out, and it must put a question mark on whether the football season can be finished safely.

It isn’t enough to have a ‘suck it and see’ situation when people are still testing positive. Guidelines, until recently, have been very clear, but a relaxation of lockdown seems to have had the opposite effect to what the authorities had hoped.

Now we have the unedifying scenario where there is a hope that there’ll be no more infections, rather than a belief there won’t be, and playing football in that situation isn’t right.