Manchester United legend “happy if he lives to 50” after serious health problems

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Manchester United legend Andrew Cole says he’d be happy if he lived to the age of 50 after ongoing serious health problems.

The former Red Devils striker has opened up on his struggles during lockdown as he’s had to take extra care shielding during the coronavirus crisis.

Cole has had kidney problems and had a life-saving transplant back in 2017, but now says the loneliness of isolating has taken its toll.

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“I try not to look too far ahead and take it day by day,” Cole told the Daily Mirror.

“I remember I recently had one of my sombre days with my daughter, who has been unbelievable.

“She said to me ‘Dad, you’re going to live forever’. I’ll always remember that, because I kept saying to her ‘look, if I make 50, I’ll be happy’.

“I’m a year and a bit away from 50 and if I make it? Man, considering what I’ve been through, I’ll be made up.

“My biggest fear is that one day I wake up and my kidneys pack up. I don’t care about anything else, that’s my biggest fear.

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“I’ve said to myself ‘if it packs up, how are you going to do it again, mentally? How are you going to go through it again?’ That’s my biggest fear.

“It’s been really, really hard (shielding). Last week was one of my toughest ones. The week before I had my daughter here, who’s been shielding as well.

“That was the first time I’d been able to socialise with someone for nine weeks, so that week made things a whole lot better for me.

“But this week, after she left, has been really tough.”

Man Utd fans will no doubt be sad to hear this from such a quality former player of theirs who contributed so much to their success in his time at Old Trafford.

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