Premier League approve temporary changes to substitutions rules as return nears

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According to an official statement, the Premier League have approved to temporary changes that will allow five substitutes to be made in top-flight matches, instead of three.

It’s added that nine players will now be allowed on the bench, rather than seven. These measures will be in place for the remainder of the 2019/20 season.

With the Guardian adding that the Premier League is set to return on June 17, meaning players will have had over three months off, this rule change is a very wise decision from the top-flight.

With media speculation hinting that once the top-flight returns that games will be coming thick and fast, this decision seems ideal in an effort to reduce the risk of injuries.

This change maintains the competitiveness of arguably Europe’s most challenging league, whilst ensuring that players aren’t at a heightened risk of becoming injured after such a long layoff.

Increasing the number of players available on the bench will be quite considerable as well, this will leave teams better equipped to replace players with those in the same position in the event of injuries.

Are there any other temporary rule changes that you think the Premier League should consider as we near its return?