Great news for Liverpool as the FA dismiss complaint over fielding a weakened team in the FA Cup

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It’s always dangerous for any team to start throwing accusations around about teams fielding weakened teams or not taking a competition seriously.

Essentially you are trying to say that actual professional footballers should be disrespected for being chosen to play for a team, and that’s a slippery slope to go down.

Liverpool were accused of disrespecting The FA Cup when they put out a reserve side against Shrewsbury earlier in the season, but it sounds like the complaint made to the FA has been dismissed:

From a neutral point of view it does seem to be the right decision for two major reasons.

Firstly, Liverpool did put out a team of professional players who are likely paid more than their Shrewsbury counterparts. If they had started putting fans on the pitch then it could be a different matter, but you cannot start kicking off because a professional football team is putting some of their contracted players on the pitch.

Secondly and most importantly, Liverpool actually won the game, so it’s a huge dig against your own team if you complain about the standard of a team that beat you.

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Ultimately it will come down to money and it’s understandable that a lower league side will want to make all the cash they can, but they cannot dictate who another team puts on the pitch.