Norwich player tests positive for coronavirus and played in friendly against Tottenham

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An unnamed Norwich City player has reportedly tested positive for coronavirus, having also played for the club in their friendly against Tottenham on Friday.

This concerning report comes from Sky Sports, who state the Norwich player will now isolate for seven days, though there is apparently no need for anyone else in the team to do so.

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One has to hope this player hasn’t spread the virus onto others, or the Premier League could get a major early setback ahead of its planned return.

Several other leagues around the world have recently got going again amid the coronavirus pandemic, with the Bundesliga the first major competition that was able to resume, and with the likes of La Liga, Serie A also recently following.

Countries like Portugal, Denmark and Greece have also been able to make it work, so Premier League fans can perhaps still be optimistic that this will only be a minor blip.

Sky Sports claim there were only two positive cases from 1,200 tests, and the regular testing should hopefully make it easy to identify anyone infected early enough to stop them spreading it to others.