Chelsea legend recalls the day he was grabbed by the throat in front of his team-mates

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A football club dressing room is where battle plans are drawn up and where bonds are made between team-mates, but sometimes things can spill over for a variety of reasons.

A managers job, therefore, isn’t just getting a result from his squad on a match day, but massaging the egos of those players who believe that they’ve made it at the elite level.

Club captain’s can also play a part in squad harmony, but they too seemingly have to meter out the odd reality check here and there.

Back when John Terry was a 19-year-old just making his way into the Chelsea side of the day, Dennis Wise was the owner of the armband, and in one particular instance, Wise grabbed Terry around the throat in front of their team-mates in order to teach the cocky cockney a lesson.

“He (wise) was club captain at the time,” Terry told The Footballers Guide to Football podcast, cited by The Sun.

“I remember I was in the first team and got a Champions League bonus and I went out and stupidly bought a car with the bonus I was on.

“I was 19 at the time. I come in with my car and Wisey got me up round the throat in the corridor in front of everyone: ‘Who do you think you are? Go and take the car back.’

“So he made me go and take the car back, which I lost money on, took me around and helped me find a house, buy a house, so it was the best bit of advice.

“I was embarrassed at the time but it was the best bit of advice that I could have had.

Although such actions might seem a little extreme, football is a man’s game and a tough old business.

In Terry’s case the shock clearly worked as he took over captain’s duties from Wise and went on to become one of the Blues greatest-ever players.

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