From Daniel Rashford to Yohan Kebabs: 5 occasions when people have got a footballer’s name wrong

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Although an unexpected slip of the tongue can often lead to much hilarity, getting a footballer’s name wrong is just plain embarrassing.

Particularly when you consider that the below examples aren’t difficult to pronounce.

Marcus ‘Daniel’ Rashford

The most recent faux pas came on Wednesday morning when Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, spoke about Man United star, Marcus Rashford’s social media campaign to ensure no child would go hungry over the summer.

Talking to Kay Burley live on Sky News, he inexplicably called him Daniel.

Yohan ‘Kebabs’ Cabaye

One of the most infamous name gaffes came back in 2013, when Joe Kinnear took over as Director of Football at Newcastle United.

The former Wimbledon manager certain didn’t cover himself in glory in a talkSPORT interview where he referred to the silky Yohan Cabaye as Yohan Kebabs. We kid you not. Have a listen for yourself:

Chris ‘Mike’ Smalling

Louis van Gaal has always been a colourful character, and his time at Man United was no exception.

Noted for his attention to detail and tactical acumen, he’ll still be remembered for the time that he called centre-back Chris Smalling, Michael.

Charles ‘Insomnia’ N’Zogbia

Poor old Joe Kinnear has form. As BBC Sport recall, back in 2009, whilst Newcastle manager, Kinnear referred to Charles N’Zogbia as ‘Insomnia,’ and that drew a stinging rebuke from PFA chief, Gordon Taylor.

“This is at best disrespectful and at worst deeply offensive, especially as insomnia is as difficult to pronounce as N’Zogbia,” Taylor said, per BBC Sport.

Bryan ‘Bobby’ Robson

One of the most comical exchanges has to be when former England captain, Bryan Robson, was once called Bobby… by none other than England manager, Sir Bobby Robson, himself.

“I’m Bryan,” the midfielder had said in response, per BBC Sport. “You’re Bobby.”

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