UEFA would like transfer window to close on October 5 for all European leagues

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According to BBC Sport, UEFA would like the summer transfer window – which now will take part in autumn, to close on October 5 for all European leagues.

Currently, the European divisions of different countries have different dates on when the transfer windows open and close.

UEFA, Europe’s football governing body, would like its member associations to take up the same date, which would see the deadline for player registration on October 6.

As well as this, UEFA have announced the introduction of some emergency measures and changes to rules in order to lessen the financial impact of the Coronavirus pandemic to clubs.

As per BBC Sport, UEFA’s statement outlined the measures are coming into place for these reasons:

  • Give clubs more time to quantify and account for unanticipated loss of revenues
  • Allow clubs to adjust the break-even calculation for revenue shortfalls reported in 2020 and 2021
  • Ensure equal treatment of clubs where the impact of coronavirus may be realised in different reporting periods
  • Address revenue shortfall
  • Retain the spirit and intent of financial fair play for football’s long-term viability

It remains to be seen just how much the transfer market will be affected by the economic impact of Covid-19, everything is pointing to much less money changing hands between clubs and perhaps even the rise of player exchange deals as clubs may not have the cash to fund transfers.

Weirdly, UEFA’s statement doesn’t reveal when the transfer window is actually set to open, perhaps each member association will decide this.

The market opening on a universal date wouldn’t be as effective as it closing on the same date, with European leagues having returned at different times – and some even curtailing the season altogether (Ligue 1 and Eredivisie), it doesn’t seem as though this would be a realistic prospect.

Of course, as some divisions have returned later than others, some clubs could argue that their clubs will have more time to arrange transfers whilst their own focus lies on finishing the season.

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