Newcastle United takeover edges closer after Saudi Arabia commitment

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While the Newcastle fans will be focused on their team’s efforts on the field today, it does sound like there’s some good news away from the park.

A report from The Mirror has looked at the latest with the potential takeover, and it’s looking more likely after a recent development.

The main concern from many observers was that the money was coming from Saudi Arabia – a regime with an appalling human rights record.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that official objections to the takeover were based on moral grounds, but more that FIFA were furious with the country for allowing pirate broadcasts of games.

The story confirms that a WTO report on the matter was particularly damning on the regime, and that means the takeover was put into doubt.

They go on to say that Saudi Arabia have now vowed to launch a crackdown of these pirate streams, and that will probably be enough to keep FIFA quiet.

It’s the perfect example of how football is these days that it was all down to money, but it’s what we all expect.

The fans will be hoping that the new owners will spend some money and look to take them to the next level, but it’s important to wait for the takeover to happen before looking at possible targets.