Anxious wait for Man United and Chelsea as expected date given for Man City Champions League ruling

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There are so many things that are strange about football just now, but the situation surrounding Champions League qualification from the Premier League is intriguing.

There was drama in February when The BBC reported that Man City had been banned from the Champions League for the next two years, and it was unclear what this meant for qualification.

Man City will probably finish second so that should mean the 5th place team will enter into the competition next season, but City have appealed that decision.

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Man United and Chelsea are currently battling it out for fourth place, but the outcome of that appeal will dictate how important that race is.

If fifth place is good enough then they might be able to relax a bit, although that would also open things up for teams like Wolves, Spurs and Sheffield United.

It appears we should find out soon, after this admission from Pep Guardiola today:

It’s still not clear which way the decision will go at this point, but it could have huge ramifications for the rest of the Premier League season.

Hopefully we do find out sooner rather than later, and you can imagine that every team apart from Man City will want to see it upheld.