Incredibly classy gesture from Man United as they make a decision over youth team contracts

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Admittedly it’s easier to make grand gestures and do right by your players when you are a huge club with financial reserves, but it’s unlikely we will see something like this from most teams this summer.

The general population is worrying over their future employment due to the current crisis and young footballers are no different.

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While big name free agents will probably get nice deals in the transfer window, it’s possible that young players will be forgotten about as most teams look to make financial savings.

This report has emerged about Man United’s plans when it comes to their young players, and it absolutely deserves recognition:

Of course most of the young players at Old Trafford will know they have an incredibly slim chance of making the first team, but developing young players is about more than that.

You need to improve them as players and people, so while they may not go on to play for your club, you still have a responsibility to make sure they have the best chance of going on to something positive after they leave.

This should be a relief at such a volatile time, and it would be great if other clubs can follow suit.