Liverpool mayor considers curfew as celebrations get out of hand following title win

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It was fully expected that the Liverpool fans would hold some massive celebrations following their title win, but we also have to remember that there’s a global pandemic going on.

Mass gatherings in a public place are a sure-fire way to spread the coronavirus, so it’s understandable that politicians may be getting a bit nervous about the situation.

The Liverpool Echo reported on some comments from the Mayor, and it sounds like a curfew is now being considered:

“We are becoming increasingly concerned about the situation in the city centre after thousands of fans gathered together again to celebrate Liverpool’s Premier League win.

“I was made aware that areas close to the Pier Head are also now rammed, such as Castle Street and Dale Street.”

It’s a real shame for the fans because they weren’t able to get that moment where they could celebrate the title win at a game within the ground, and you have to think that many have stayed away from these due to the current situation as well..

On top of that it also sounds like some of the fans are getting drunk and causing a few issues, although it sounds like it’s only one or two and not the majority.

You can’t really blame the fans for wanting to celebrate, but let’s hope they stay safe and there’s no trouble that comes from this.