Chaotic celebrations in Liverpool end with reports of a stabbing, Police officers targeted

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The celebratory nature of Liverpool’s 2019/20 Premier League title win has quickly turned sour, with reports of at least one person being stabbed and Police officers being targeted on Friday night.

Supporters spilled out onto the streets in their thousands, the city awash with fans overjoyed at the club having secured their first English top-flight title in three decades.

However, the celebrations took a more sinister turn once it emerged that trouble was brewing in the city centre.

The Liverpool Echo report that a number of people were injured during Friday night, with unconfirmed reports of a stabbing. The outlet also note the verbal abuse of Police officers as well as them being physically attacked.

To add to the chaos, fireworks were also fired at the iconic Liver Building, cheered by Liverpool supporters and seen in the video below.

The official Liverpool website quickly issued a statement condemning the behaviour of their supporters.

“Our city is still in a public health crisis and this behaviour is wholly unacceptable,” it said.

It’s turned what should’ve been one of the best recent events in Liverpool’s history into a battleground, and against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, that’s idiotic to say the least.