Anxious wait for Newcastle United on takeover as decision expected soon

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The potential takeover of Newcastle United has been going on for a while now, but we’ve now reached a point where a decision needs to be made one way or the other.

There’s a feeling that Newcastle could suddenly make some big moves in the transfer market if it’s allowed to go through, and a report from The Telegraph (subscription required) has looked at the latest.

They report that the Premier League Chief Executive Richard Masters has confirmed that a decision is imminent, although there’s still no indication of which way it will go.

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Masters was also keen to deny any suggestions that the government were putting pressure on the league to agree the deal, only that the delay was because the deal was complicated and not because of potential interference.

They also say that the papers for the takeover were lodged three months ago and decisions take four weeks, so this is now the longest that a takeover has been dragged out for.

There are plenty of moral reasons to object to the deal because of Saudi Arabia’s human rights record, but Mike Ashley is also an abhorrent human being so some of the fans may not mind.

Either way, they should find out soon.