Pictures: Huge VAR questions over Bruno Fernandes goal as images show two infractions in the build up

It’s hard to tell if this season has to go down as “teething problems” with VAR or if it’s just destined to be a nonsense forever, but it’s understandable that fans are getting annoyed at the inconsistency.

Bruno Feranndes scored a nicely taken second goal against Brighton tonight, and there was no suggestion that VAR was looking at anything.

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The problem is that two infractions have since emerged, and it’s understandable that Brighton will be furious:

It’s a tight one, but it certainly looks like Shaw is off.

On top of that, it’s also looking like the ball was out of play in the build up too:

Even Gary Neville admitted that his old side got away with one here, but there’s nothing that can be done.

Brighton will rightfully say that the system isn’t fit for purpose, and someone in a suit in an office somewhere will shrug and issue a heartless apology, and we can all look forward to it happening again next week.

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