Former Chelsea player hits out at fans who criticised him for celebrating West Ham’s win last night

It’s starting to get irritating where players won’t celebrate because they once spent a few months at a club.

It’s entirely understandable when someone like Frank Lampard doesn’t celebrate for Man City when he scores against Chelsea, but clubs can’t complain if a former youth player openly cheers for another team.

Carlton Cole made 31 appearances for Chelsea at the start of his career, but his best years were spent at West Ham where he made almost 300 appearances over nine seasons, while he also forced his way into the England team during that time.

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That means you actually expect he would root for West Ham over Chelsea when the two teams play, but it appears that some Chelsea fans were upset with him over the result last night:

It’s symbolic of the weird tribalism that’s starting to take hold in the country where too many people believe everyone can only support their team or agree with their opinions, and it’s becoming pathetic.

The Chelsea fans should probably be openly asking why their team cannot defend, rather than crying because a former player doesn’t always want them to win.

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