Arsenal will need to make a serious commitment to keep Aubameyang as his demands are outlined

Arsenal find themselves in an interesting position when it comes to Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang, and it’s possible that they allowed his contract to end at the worst time.

You could argue that he’s in his peak right now, so he’s able to leverage some of his best performances into getting a deal which will cover his likely regression.

He turns 32 in the summer and his game is largely based on pace, so you wonder how long he can keep going at the top level.

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Ideally Arsenal would wait until next summer before making a decision on a new deal, but that would also allow him the option of leaving for nothing.

ESPN have reported on his contract demands, and Arsenal will need to make a significant commitment if they want to keep him.

They report that he’s looking for a three year deal which will pay him £250k a week, which makes total sense when you look at his recent contribution to the team.

He’s scored 51 goals in 79 Premier League games which is a phenomenal record, while he also benefits from the knowledge that Arsenal don’t have a replacement in the current squad – and it’s unlikely they can afford to go out and sign a top quality striker either.

The problem will come for Arsenal if he does slow down and loses form – paying a 35 year old 250k a week would be a tough one from a PR point of view in a a few years – and it leaves them with a huge decision to make.


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