‘A team full of Scousers’ – Jurgen Klopp sets out his Liverpool dream

Under the tutelage of Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool continue to go from strength to strength, but the German has altogether more lofty ambitions for the Reds.

With footballers coming from all over Europe nowadays many clubs have a multicultural make-up, though it appears that within the next decade Klopp would like to see a more local feel to the Liverpool line-up.

“The dream is in ten years we have a team full of Scousers,” he told The Sun.

“But the door is open to all boys.

“They don’t have to be Scousers but they do have to show the commitment and patience we encourage in our youngsters to want to learn the game.

Although many might laugh off such a notion as a pipe dream, if the players are available, then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t happen.

Liverpool only need to look at Barcelona as the prime example.

Back in November 2012, the Catalans succeeded in having all 11 outfield players against Levante coming from their La Masia youth academy.

Being able to do so arguably gave the club a real sense of pride and strengthened their identity, and perhaps that’s behind the reason why Klopp would eventually like to see something similar at Anfield.

Aside from trophies, that would be a real legacy to leave behind.

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