Chelsea star Loftus-Cheek slams neighbours for ‘borderline racist’ complaints

According to the Sun, Chelsea star Ruben Loftus-Cheek has accused his neighbours of being ‘borderline racist’ after losing an appeal which means he’ll have to remove decking in his garden.

The midfielder, who reportedly resides in a £1.7m home in Surrey, has been forced to remove decking that he didn’t have appropriate planning permission for after the neighbours claimed that it impeded on their own privacy.

There seems to be more at play than just some pieces of wood though as neighbours also used this complaint to blast the ace for apparently playing loud rap music in his garden.

It’s added that this dispute started three years ago, with Loftus-Cheek also said to be at odds with his neighbours after plans for an extension were rejected.

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Loftus-Cheek has struggled with injury troubles for almost all of this season.

Here’s Loftus-Cheek’s response to the claims, as per the Sun:

“I can only recall one incident this summer where we when [sic] we had played music. In the day time on a weekend.”

“And we were forced to turn it off by dramatic screams and whistles. We have not played music after hours. No rules have been broken here.”

“The fact that our music is ‘ghetto’ and not conformed to their ‘leafy Surrey’ taste, I find extremely offensive and borderline racist.”

“To conclude, we are residents here and have the right to enjoy our garden without being victimised by ridiculous and petty remarks because of our differences in the local neighbourhood.”

It’s a real shame to see that things are so sour between the neighbours, its also heartbreaking to see that Loftus-Cheek believes the colour of his skin have led to this treatment.

It’s been found that there was no planning permission for the decking, and with an appeal being rejected, it will have to be removed.

It’s sad to see that unrelated issues like the ace playing rap music have also contributed to the complaints, Loftus-Cheek has the right to play whatever music he wishes in his own home.

Loftus-Cheek insists that he’s broken ‘no rules’ with his behaviour, so some of the complaints are clearly the product of some kind of ulterior motive.

A man whose proudly represented his country on 10 occasions shouldn’t be subjected to this kind of behaviour, nor should anyone for that matter.

Would the genre of music being played be relevant if one his white teammates was found to have fitted decking that doesn’t comply to housing regulations?

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