Videos: “Corruption or incompetence?” – These fans fume as Tarkowski is only booked for a foul similar to Nketiah’s

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Most fans are reasonable enough to appreciate that referees will make mistakes, so VAR should be an easy way to fix these.

The problem is the system just isn’t fit for purpose – it’s resulting in huge delays, decisions are often missed or wrong and the inconsistency is maddening.

A couple of tackles in recent games prove this perfectly, if we look at the examples of Eddie Nketiah and James Tarkowski.

Nketiah was sent off for this tackle last night, and it’s probably fair enough:

Pictures from RMC Sport

Arsenal fans will claim he didn’t mean it and he’s going for the ball, but it’s a nasty looking foul and you can at least understand why the red was given.

Less than 24 hours later, James Tarkowski only saw yellow for an eerily similar foul, and fans are always going to be furious about this kind of inconsitency:

Fans have since taken to Twitter to complain about this, and it does make you wonder what makes this happen:

It was also revealed earlier that Arsenal have lodged an appeal against Nketiah’s red card, so it will now be fascinating to see how they rule on that.

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