Covid-19 break means Premier League players will have an astonishingly short summer break

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Most of the attention has been focused on finding a way to get things finished up for this season, but decisions had to be made for next season too.

It was always expected that the Covid-19 shutdown would result in a short summer break, but this report from The Daily Mail does suggest the players are only going to get a two week break this summer.

Of course they have just had a big lay off, but when you consider that a lot of games have been crammed into a short space of time since the restart, this will result in a lot of tired players next season.

It’s expected that the new season will start on September 12th, but some teams will have European commitments in August, and clubs will want them to have some kind of pre-season training.

That explains why the summer break will be so short, but it also means there will probably be a lot of concerns raised by the players.

If we see more players than usual going down with knocks and niggles next season as the result of too many games, then this will probably get the blame.