“We just have to accept it”: These fans react as Real Madrid are awarded another penalty vs Alaves

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It’s easy for fans to get an idea in their head that certain teams always get the decisions from the refs, and Real Madrid have been getting a lot of penalties lately.

For once it looks like the ref actually made the right decision tonight, there’s clear contact on Ferland Mendy and it’s on the line of the box, so the penalty had to be awarded:

That hasn’t stopped a lot of fans taking to Twitter to complain about the decision, and it looks like there is a growing belief that VAR is rigged in favour of Real Madrid:

The problem will always be that the dominant sides will attack more so they will get more fouls in attacking positions, but Real Madrid have had some very favourable decisions in recent games.

That’s not to say that Barcelona haven’t had their share of luck either, and a recent report from AS has looked at the VAR controversies this season, and they determined that the league table would still look the same.

It’s understandable that some Barcelona fans will get worked up about this, but they should be looking closer to home if they want to find reasons for not winning La Liga this year