Stats show a key weakness which has cost Arsenal Champions League football next season

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When you look at Arsenal’s squad it’s clear that there is plenty of talent there, but they are also seriously lacking in character.

The loss to Spurs summed them up today – throwing away a lead with a stupid defensive mistake and then not defending a set piece properly proved to be the difference.

One of the key differences between the great teams and the average sides is the ability to put a game to bed, and this stat shows Arsenal are severely lacking the ability to do that:

If they were able to stay strong and see things out then things could be very different, as those 21 points would see them comfortably into a Champions League spot.

Even if they are able to add 10 points from that to their tally they would be in a strong position to qualify, and it demonstrates a key weakness that Mikel Arteta needs to address.

The problem could be that the players now panic and worry when they are ahead and things are tight, so imploding often becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Arteta needs to identify which players are the biggest offenders and then either replace them or work on their mental skills, but it won’t be an easy fix either way.