Video: Atalanta show they can scare PSG in the Champions League after an extraordinary passage of play vs Juventus

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It will be fascinating to see if the change to one legged fixtures in the Champions League will make a difference this season.

Atalanta have shown the ability to take on the biggest teams in Italy in a one off game in recent years, so this could play into their hands.

Juventus needed a lot of luck to scrape a draw against them this weekend, but this passage of play shows why PSG might be in for a shock when they play Atalanta in their quarter-final:

VIDEO : Juve failed to get a touch for 8 minutes & 11 seconds in the opposing half vs Atalanta from soccer

PSG are used to dominating games and having the ball, it allows them to wear teams down both physically and mentally, and it’s what often results in them winning games by a large margin.

This shows that Atalanta have the ability to keep the ball and prevent their opponents from getting into dangerous areas, and it would be incredible if they could beat PSG and go deeper into the competition.