Cristiano Ronaldo Jr to be subject of police investigation after riding jet ski alone

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s son is reportedly set to be investigated by police after being filmed on a jet ski alone.

Cristiano Jr was photographed by his aunt, with the picture uploaded to her Instagram and later removed, and it seems like it could now be a legal matter.

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Portuguese law prohibits people riding without a license, which only adults can hold.

Ronaldo’s kid is only ten years of age, so the family could be facing a huge fine of up to £2,688, though this is obviously pretty much pocket change to the Ronaldo family.

Still, it does raise questions about the child’s safety, with the Juventus superstar perhaps not taking enough care here to make sure his son wasn’t up to anything he shouldn’t be.

Someone commenting on Instagram said: “Very bad. What a lack of responsibility. So young and riding a jet ski. I thought there was a minimum age to be able to do so.”

Other pictures emerged showing Ronaldo Jr and some other kids on a boat without life jackets, which also sparked criticism from users.

“Children without life jackets. I was shocked to see the lack of responsibility of the adults,” they said.

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