Claude racism scandal was caused by this AFTV video

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News of the Claude racism scandal broke last night as the AFTV (formerly Arsenal Fan TV) regular was heard referring to Tottenham star Son Heung-min as ‘DVD’ during the North London Derby.

Arsenal were beaten 2-1 by Spurs over the weekend, so it was a pretty unhappy afternoon for Gunners supporters, with Son scoring the equaliser for Jose Mourinho’s side.

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Still, it looks like Claude let slip a rather nasty side of himself as later in the game he referred to Son with the racist slur ‘DVD’ as he was being subbed off.

Watch the video below as Claude can be heard saying “DVD’s going off” in a clip that has gone viral over Twitter…

The Claude racism scandal might not make that much sense to some younger readers, but the slur ‘DVD’ is sometimes used as an insult (by idiots, of course) against people of East Asian origin.

The idea behind it is that, when DVDs were in more common use, there would supposedly be a lot of people of East Asian origin trying to flog dodgy pirated DVDs around London.

It’s clearly an offensive stereotype and we imagine a wealthy Premier League footballer like Son is hardly going to be trying to sell pirate DVDs any time soon.

AFTV have often been hated by many Arsenal fans themselves, and this Claude racism saga is going to be another big dent to the channel’s reputation.

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