Man City’s Twitter account hastily deletes post mocking Liverpool’s failure to reach 100 points

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Football is littered with rivalries where one side cares much more than the other, and it appears to be the case with Man City and Liverpool.

City have the problem where they don’t have many genuine fans and most teams don’t really care about them or respect their rise in recent years, so it does make it hard to forge a meaningful rivalry.

They’ve tried their best to start something with Liverpool in recent years, but they are on the back foot there after Jurgen Klopp’s side cantered to the Premier League title this season.

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City have had a positive week after their Champions League ban was overturned, and it just got better after Arsenal defeated Liverpool tonight.

That result means that Liverpool are no longer able to achieve a 100 point season, and one of City’s Twitter accounts posted this very shortly after the final whistle:

It’s interesting to note that the post was taken down just minutes afterwards, and it would be fascinating to know the reason why.

The comments suggested that it didn’t have the impact they were probably looking for as fans just pointed out it was cringe worthy, while it’s also possible that City didn’t feel this behaviour was befitting of such a great and honourable club.