FA Cup results give Liverpool some clarity for their Community Shield opponents

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It’s generally accepted that nobody really cares about the Community Shield, it’s really just seen as a glorified friendly to start the season.

At least it gives fans a chance to go to Wembley and it can be useful for looking at the new signings, but it could feel extra pointless this year if it’s behind closed doors.

There was one potentially exciting possibility for Liverpool, as changes would need to be made if Man City or Man United had won the FA Cup.

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Both clubs are still in their European competitions and that would’ve clashed with the fixture, and it sounds like Leeds were being lined up for the game after they were confirmed as Championship winners.

It would’ve been a good chance to see Bielsa’s side against Liverpool to see how they might fare in the Premier League, but the results this weekend have ruined those chances:

It’s worth pointing out that Chelsea are still in the Champions League but they did lose their first leg to Bayern 3-0, so it would be astonishing if they get through.

As a result, it looks like the traditional format of League winners vs FA Cup winners will continue.