Further twist in the Newcastle takeover saga as American Businessman prepares to out-bid Saudi consortium

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It’s hard to tell what’s going on with the proposed Saudi takeover at Newcastle United, and this latest news could either speed things up or result in further delays.

The takeover from the Saudi group has been going on for so long that you have to think it will finally go through, but you could also wonder if the constant delays mean it might not happen.

There’s now a further twist after Bloomberg have reported that American businessman Henry Mauriss is now trying to come up with a takeover bid of his own.

At this point they describe him as pushing on with a charm offensive in the UK as he pushed forward with his rival offer.

They state that he’s the CEO of ClearTV but he isn’t well known in Britain. Despite that, they do indicate that he’s met with Mike Ashley to discuss the bid and he’s prepared to offer £50m more than the Saudi offer.

There’s no indication if his bid has been accepted or if the Premier League would ratify his proposal, but you have to think they would secretly love it if this meant they didn’t have to make a final decision on he controversial Saudi bid.

This has dragged on for a while now and you get the sense that Newcastle fans just want something to happen, but they may have to wait for a while yet.