Video: Aves players protest shambolic club situation by refusing to engage Benfica in the first minute

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The situation with Portuguese club Aves is a sad one, especially when you consider that they won the cup very recently, but there were signs that things weren’t well.

They weren’t allowed to play in the Europa League for financial reasons the year after, while they are now threatening to turn the league into a farce by refusing to fulfill their final fixture.

Things got even worse before they faced Benfica today when they had to get the police to attend to help them break into the ground because someone had lost their keys.

It seems the players have had enough to, as they simply refused to engage Benfica in the first minute today and just stood on the spot:

Pictures from RMC Sport

Thankfully Benfica didn’t make this any more awkward by attacking and scoring a cheap goal, although they did take the lead in the fourth minute anyway.

It’s an awful situation and it’s sad to see a club struggle like this.