China refuse to show any more Premier League games despite £564m TV deal

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It’s well known that the Premier League is one of the richest in the world because of their overseas TV deals, so this could be a major blow for the league.

Global tensions are rising and there are currently issues between the US/UK and China, which has resulted in this decision to stop broadcasting games:

It’s also rumoured that tonight’s clash between Liverpool and Chelsea has been axed too, but it’s not clear how this would affect the league.

The Guardian reported a few years ago that this deal with China would start in 2019 and it was worth around £564m over three years, so there should still be two years left.

You have to think that the Premier League will still be due the money because this is China’s decision based on a political issue, but it could still have a knock on effect.

Firstly it will surely result in the deal not being renewed when it expires unless relations improve, but if the Chinese TV company refuse to pay up then it will be tough to chase them for that money.

It might take some time for the impact to be felt, but it’s the last thing the clubs need when some are already struggling financially.