“That clown”: These Chelsea fans round on common scapegoat after terrible first half vs Liverpool

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It’s probably got to the point where it’s cruel to keep playing Kepa at this point.

Everyone is desperately waiting for him to make a mistake so they can pounce on him, while his confidence will keep eroding for as long as this continues.

It’s not his fault that Chelsea are 3-1 down to Liverpool at the break tonight, but you could also look at the free kick and suggest he should be doing better.

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Chelsea have been poor defensively all season and it’s possible that his own teammates no longer trust him, which will lead to them making poor decisions too.

The Chelsea fans are clearly looking for a scapegoat at half time tonight, and it’s Kepa who’s getting most of the criticism on Twitter:

It’s clear that he needs a transfer this summer, a fresh start would allow him to rebuild his confidence and hopefully prove he’s a good keeper stuck in a bad situation.