Liverpool vs Chelsea not aired in China due to growing tensions with UK

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Liverpool’s Premier League clash with Chelsea last night was not shown in China amid growing tensions with the UK.

According to Bloomberg, the final round of English top flight fixtures are now not included in CCTV’s schedule either, in what is thought to be part of a growing feud between the UK and China.

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The report explains this is partly down to the situation in Hong Kong, with the UK possibly set to intervene and offer Hong Kongers the chance to apply for British citizenship.

This could be worrying for Premier League clubs, however, several of whom have toured in China before, while there will also no doubt be question-marks over what this might mean for TV money.

The English game is a huge global brand these days, and clubs will no doubt make huge amounts of money from overseas supporters, with the potential for a big market in China.

Liverpool beat Chelsea 5-3 and lifted the Premier League title, but the game was not shown in China as expected, and it remains to be seen when English football will be back on Chinese screens.