Report states that Premier League transfer deals are at risk from hackers

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In news that’s sure to get Premier League clubs quickly looking into their cybersecurity arrangements, a report has been released which has suggested hackers have been targeting transfer deals involving English top-flight clubs.

All too often it seems, the lack of ring-fencing computer systems leaves organisations vulnerable, but the knowledge that transfer deals can be infiltrated takes things to an entirely new level.

According to Sky Sports, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have said that the email address of a Premier League club’s managing director had been compromised.

Not only that, but it had happened precisely during transfer negotiations and the only reason that the hacking wasn’t successful was because of a bank intervention. Had that not happened, the club would’ve lost close to £1m.

In even more worrying developments, the report from the NCSC states that hackers are trying to compromise sporting institutions on a daily basis, and that the example above is just one of several to have come to their notice.

Worrying times indeed.

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