“Beyond a joke”: These fans are fuming as Man United set new Premier League penalty record

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It’s interesting how a reputation can start to go against a team or a player, but it’s important for referees to ignore every bit of context and just call things how they see it.

There’s no doubt that Man United have been awarded a lot of penalties this season, and it turns out they’ve actually set a new Premier League record:

In fairness, the foul on Anthony Martial did look like a fair penalty award today, but some of the 14 haven’t been quite as nailed on.

Aston Villa fans will point to one awarded against them where it was probably a foul from Bruno Fernandes, and it does sound like some are getting wound up about it.

A look on Twitter after the award shows that a few fans think there might be some kind of conspiracy or something going on here:

It will be interesting to see how many they get next season, but suggesting a conspiracy is probably a bit much.