Record breaking stats show why Chelsea have no choice but to get rid of Kepa

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Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to do with a player because the stats and the eye test show very different results, but that’s not the case with Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa.

He’s been criticized so many times that it feels harsh to pile on, but when you watch him play it’s obvious why he needs to go.

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Everything might come back to a lack of confidence but his technique is dreadful, his decision making is far too hesitant and he generally looks scared on the pitch.

Sometimes the stats might prove something different, but in Kepa’s case they are even more damning:

If you want to be particularly cruel to an awful keeper at Sunday league level you can joke that a space hopper would do a better job, but this shows that 30% of the time Kepa is about as useful as one.

In some ways you can argue that he’s been hung out to dry by a dreadful defensive effort that makes mistakes and doesn’t press well, but when he’s so ineffective over the course of the season then it shows he’s at fault too.

It’s got to the point where it’s easy to feel sorry for him and it would be a lovely story if he moves and bounces back, but these stats show that Chelsea have to get rid of him.