Video: Cristiano Ronaldo’s contempt for Bernardeschi is clear after a terrible shot vs Cagliari

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You can often tell what someone is thinking with their reaction and their body language, but this looks like Cristiano Ronaldo has nothing but contempt for his teammate.

We’re used to seeing him throw his hands around and yell at someone if they mess up, or he might occasionally offer some encouragement if he’s in a good mood.

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All of that shows that he cares and clearly he sees that someone can do better, but that might not be the case here.

This effort from Bernardeschi might be one of the worst you see this season, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s reaction sums up how bad it is:

There’s no anger in there, nor is there any spark or sign of life – He just looks on in silent contempt.

He’s probably also gutted that the golden boot looks impossible after Ciro Immobile took a four goal lead, but this silent dejection is a new side of Ronaldo that we don’t often see.

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